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Creative Expression





Halftime for Veterans is a strengths-based career transition training and coaching program for Veterans and First Responders. Uniquely designed in collaboration with Halftime Institute, this program empowers and equips men and women ready to pursue passion-driven lives, new careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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creative expression

Warrior Art is a non-clinical therapeutical art program that allows veterans and their families to ground themselves through creativity and camaraderie. We look forward to launching photography, music, culinary arts and creative writing workshops in the future.

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Our Redeeming Grace PTSD Bible Study "Vietnam Strong"meets weekly to study the word, hold each other up and accountable. This group has a heavy Vietnam Veteran presence, but all are welcome! We will be launching new peer-to-peer meet up opportunities in 2024.

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At VetStarts, Inc., we are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Whether through our volunteer work or advocacy, our goal is to empower our local and global communities. We partner with local organizations to maximize our impact and bring resources to those who need it most.

We strive to be a leader in the non-profit space and are proud to have worked on a variety of projects within the community. Our volunteers are passionate and have seen great success in the work we have done. Join us today and let’s make a difference together

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