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Our Story

VetStarts was founded in Arlington, TX, in 2014 by US Army Combat Veteran MAJ Vince Leone after he came home from Iraq without a mission or purpose. He struggled with himself and alcohol until finding Halftime Institute. After going through Halftime by Bob Buford, he found his purpose and made it his mission to help all veterans through their transition phase from the military, whether it be days, weeks, or years since the veteran has left the military. No one is left behind or forgotten.


Vince was given the gift of sharing Halftime Institutes training through our Flagship Program, Halftime for Veterans. This program packs a punch through strengths based identity training that includes crafting a new mission, a mile high vision, identifying the client's values and passions as well as a game plan to march forward with in continued significance.


This program in conjunction with coaching services has yielded over 140 veteran owned businesses and has been instrumental in preventing 58 known suicide attempts. 

Mere days after Vince Leone suddenly passed away, his daughter Anna reached out to the Board of Directors in a passionate effort to keep Vince's legacy alive with promise and commitment to providing Hope for Today and a Plan for Tomorrow to our brave. 

After nearly a decade of service created in Arlington, TX, to the veteran and first responder community, 
VetStarts continues to pierce the darkness of veteran suicide and measures success ONE veteran, ONE military family, ONE day at a time.

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